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Paragliding Lombardy

Paragliding Lombardy

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4.9 (73 reviews)

In Lombardy there are numerous take-off points for those who want to experience the thrill of paragliding. Brescia, Laveno and Lecco, with the Mount Cornizzolo, are just a few of the starting points to fly over the lakes in the region, including the Lake Garda and the Lake Iseo. Many paragliding schools in Lombardy offer flight experiences with the best qualified instructors, with years of experience behind them.

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Paragliding flight: everything you need to know before you fly

The paraglider consists of a steerable, lightweight fabric wing attached to the pilot’s harness. Tandem paragliding is the best choice for all enthusiasts who do not have a flight license and want to be carried away by the currents in total safety.

Firmly attached to the instructor, a short downhill run-up is all it takes for the paraglider to open and take off, following the updrafts until landing. Paragliding is an activity closely dependent on weather. You fly only with favorable weather conditions, so the booked date is confirmed the day before.

Paragliding Bergamo: where to fly over Lake Iseo

Near Bergamo there are two fascinating lakes that can be admired from above by paragliding. Starting from Sarnico or Franciacorta, you can fly over Lake Iseo, while from the San Fermo Hills you can fly over Lake Endine. Both are perfect for those who want to contemplate the natural beauty surrounding these two enchanting bodies of water.

Brescia paragliding: the best tandem flights in the Brescia area

From Brescia we take off from Mount Maddalena , which lies between Lake Iseo and Lake Garda. From here you can see the Brescian Pre-Alps, the Bergamo Pre-Alps, and much of the Po’ Valley. On clearer days you can even see the Apennines.

Cornizzolo paragliding: the best flights in Brianza

On Mount Cornizzolo, at about 1,240 m above sea level, there is one of the most famous take-off points among paragliders in Lombardy. Taking off from here it is possible to fly over the Lake Lecco branch and the five pearls of Brianza: the Brianza lakes of Annone, Pusiano, Alserio, Garlate and Montorfano.

The best tandem flights in the province of Pavia

Those who want to fly in Lombardy can also choose a paragliding flight in Montalto Pavese or Ca’ del Monte. From these sites you fly over the hills and valleys of Oltrepò Pavese and discover an area rich in nature, traditions, and biodiversity.

Best tandem paragliding flights over Lake Garda

For those who want to fly to the Lombardy side of Lake Garda, the best place to start is Gardone Riviera. From here we reach Mount Pizzocolo, a renowned takeoff point in the Brescian Pre-Alps that offers sweeping views of the western side of the lake and part of the Po Valley.

Tandem flying in Lombardy: how much does it cost?

The price of paragliding flights in Lombardy varies from 90 to 150 euros depending on the departure location, the average duration of the flight and the offered services, such as photos or videos. Equipment is always included in the participation fee.

Gift a tandem flight in Lombardy

Flying with a paraglider is an experience to try at least once in a lifetime and is perfect for celebrating birthdays and graduation or bachelor/bachelorette parties. A tandem flight is an original idea for any occasion. Give this fantastic activity as a gift and leave a lasting memory in the minds of the people you love.

Opinions of our adventurers

General rating
  4.9 / 5.0
73 verified reviews

04 Aug 2022 | Tandem paragliding over Lake Garda (BS)

A wonderful first flying experience! Alberto - with whom I flew - but also all the other instructors present, who were very good and professional, and above all capable of putting you at ease right from the start. The only flaw was the timing: we arrived perfectly on time, but the activity took place quite late (e.g. there was also a girl who should have launched an hour earlier, but was still waiting for someone to tell her something). An experience I will definitely repeat!


Reviewed by

Netzi L.

21 Jun 2021 | Tandem paragliding over Lake Garda (BS)


It was a great experience, freedom's website however did not warn me that the day before I would have to write to the expert who would accompany me on this adventure. Because of this we did not make the flight at the scheduled time but later! The flight doesn't last 25 minutes but a little less, otherwise a really good experience, the group was nice and friendly, no need to be afraid, I recommend it to everyone!!!!!

Vanessa B.

Reviewed by

Vanessa B.

15 Sep 2021 | Tandem Paragliding Flight over Lake Garda

A beautiful experience! The tranquillity of being guided by expert hands and being led by the wind was really exciting. The whole experience was enriched by the jovial, fun and deeply human atmosphere of the staff, who were able to lighten the moments of tension and offer great professionalism! Well done to everyone and thanks in particular to Giulio for the emotions experienced and the laughter shared!!!

Margherita G.

Reviewed by

Margherita G.

12 Jun 2022 | Tandem paragliding flight over Lake Garda

Amazing experience in expert hands!

Alan, Giorgio and Roberto gifted us with an amazing experience, floating up in the sky with a stunning view on lake Garda. The drive up the mountain with them is an experience itself. The road is very suggestive and they made it even better by sharing lots of insights about the area and their personal experience.nHighly recommended!!!

Francesco M.

Reviewed by

Francesco M.

28 Aug 2020 | Tandem paragliding over Lake Garda (BS)


I would say an excellent experience and not only for the flight but also for the staff I had a great time, friendliness, professionalism and a great day. Ultra recommended I don't think you can ask for more and it's not my first flight. A thank you also to the assistance on the booking site really top.


Reviewed by

Luca B.

23 Sep 2021 | Tandem Paragliding Flight over Lake Garda

Exciting experience to be repeated!!!

Paragliding is truly an unforgettable and exciting experience. You almost feel as if you are flying and touching the sky with your fingers. Absolutely an experience to be repeated. Professional but at the same time friendly and engaging staff. In a word fantastic 😉 Thank you Alessandra & Marcello


Reviewed by

Alessandra M.

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