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Survival Course Basic Level in the province of Turin

Survival Course Basic Level in the province of Turin

2 days



From 1 to 15


  • Learn to survive and face your fears with a two-day survival course in the province of Turin
  • Learn survival techniques to orient, shelter and feed yourself accompanied by National Survival Instructors
  • Overcome your limits, resist difficulties and make the art of resilience your own

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Full description

Discover the world of survival with a two-day course designed for those who want to approach this world accompanied by expert instructors in the province of Turin.

Describing in a few lines what a survival course is, what to expect and above all why to participate, is not an easy thing to do. Survival or survival is "the art" of staying alive despite everything; very often it is not an easy undertaking, but one must rely on one's will and ability to adapt, two elements that together we call RESILIENCE.

The survivalist MUST be a resilient person, able to absorb a shock without breaking down, able to cope positively with traumatic events, to reorganise one's life positively in the face of difficulties, to rebuild oneself while remaining sensitive to the positive opportunities that life offers, without alienating one's identity.

Our survival courses in the province of Turin are suitable for everyone, because everyone must have the opportunity to learn the techniques and correct mental attitude to be able to survive.

Our learning programmes have been tested over 16 years of adventures not only in Italy but also abroad, in wild environments. Our goal as an ACADEMY is to train resilient people through specific courses and activities.


We do not train super men or super women but people who are able to cope in a positive manner with those shocks that life sometimes presents, whether whether in the wilderness or in an asphalt jungle.

What we will do

The Survival Basic Course is the first step on the path to learning survival techniques.

In this course you will learn the meaning of the words will and instinct. There will be no defined time frames, but everything will be done according to the objective priorities that occur in a real survival situation.

No topics or techniques for long-term survival will be covered, but we will deal with the point of view of the missing person who must return home or be rescued within 48 hours.

Again under the guidance of CSEN-certified National Survival Instructors, we will learn where, how and when to build an emergency shelter using the little material available; how to light an emergency fire; how to search for and drink water; how to orient oneself without the use of GPS, report one's position and get rescued.

In addition to the technical aspects, elements of survival psychology, resilience and emergency management will be addressed.


  • Equipment
  • Correct backpacking
  • Knives (their use, safety rules and learning the 11 Essential Survival Knife Skills)
  • Camp knots and basic safety knots
  • Construction of an expeditionary emergency shelter
  • Fire and emergency cooking with techniques and materials of circumstance
  • Survival kit
  • Abseiling
  • Orientation (land navigation, use of compass and map, practical orientation with natural systems)
  • Ground-to-air emergency signalling
  • Searching for, filtering and purifying water using techniques and emergency materials
  • First aid

Who it is aimed at

This course is suitable for everyone and no previous knowledge or special physical skills are required.

What you will need is the will to challenge yourself and overcome your limits, physical but above all mental. Fears and phobias are allowed. Our aim is to work together to overcome them.

Our school camp is located just a few metres from a comfortable campsite with a typical Piedmontese restaurant.

Minimum age of participants: 10 years (accompanied by at least one parent) Our motto is: LEARN, ADAPT, REACH THE PURPOSE

Other information

This course is organised one weekend of each month of the year. For groups of at least 3 participants it is possible to organise a course choosing the date you prefer, please contact us for more information!

Important: you must arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes before the time chosen for the activity!

All technical equipment is provided by the association. You will only need to bring your personal equipment (rucksack, sleeping bag and other easily and cheaply available material). After booking, we will send you a complete list of the necessary equipment and we are always available if you have any queries or clarifications.

Recommended clothing

  • comfortable seasonal clothing
  • trousers with side pockets
  • bandana
  • cap

Don't forget to bring

  • complete change of clothes
  • packed meals for Saturday and Sunday
  • backpack
  • sleeping bag

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What is included

  • Tent sheet for overnight stay
  • Harnesses and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Compass and map
  • Fire steel for fire starting
  • Emergency food for Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast
  • Knife
  • School shirt
  • Personal equipment
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat

How it works

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  • Gift
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    In case of confirmation, you will be charged the cost of the activity

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Meeting point
Cumiana, Turin

Exact location provided after booking

Frequently asked questions

What happens in case of bad weather?

If you have made a fixed date reservation and the weather conditions are not suitable for the safe conduct of the activity (in the expert opinion of the guide), you will be refunded the full amount paid. The guide may suggest an alternative date or time for you to conduct the activity. You can freely choose whether or not to accept these proposals. If you can’t retrieve it, we will process a full refund! If you have set the date for your Gift Voucher and bad weather did not allow the activity to take place, the Voucher remains regularly valid until the expiration date indicated on it.

If I cancel the reservation, can I get a full refund?

For this activity, the cancellation policy is moderate. You get a full refund if you cancel within 8 days from the activity start date. Within 7 and 5 days from the activity start date you will get a 50% refund. You can find the full policies in the Cancellation Policy section.

What measures are implemented to prevent COVID-19?

All activities on Freedome strictly follow regulations issued at national, regional and federal levels. Sports associations and freelancers commit to carry out activities in full compliance with such regulations, sanitize equipment and environments, and limit their maximum capacity.
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