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Tandem skydiving in Potenza province
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Tandem skydiving in Potenza province

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  • Launch from a plane in the air at an altitude of 3,000 and experience the thrill of freefall at 200 km per hour.
  • When the parachute opens, enjoy the panoramic descent and observe the world from a new perspective.
  • You will carry out the activity in maximum comfort and safety, flying in tandem with an experienced instructor.

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Full description

Feel like doing something truly unforgettable and out of the ordinary? Drop by parachute from a height of over 3,000 metres and get ready for the strongest adrenaline rush you can experience, that of jumping into the void and free-falling at 200 km/h.

A tandem jump with a professional instructor is the quickest and easiest way to skydive without needing any specific training: for a top experience, just rely on someone who has already made thousands of jumps!

You will climb into the plane, reach altitude, overcome your fear of heights, scream as you let yourself fall, and then, as the parachute opens, thrill to the panoramic spectacle of the world from above. Ready to challenge your comfort zone?

What we will do

We will meet at theLavello airfield, in the province of Potenza. We will be welcomed by the staff of the parachuting school, who will prepare us for this amazing experience with a pre-launch briefing. We will be given all the information on the equipment and flight phases, and we will be instructed on the correct behaviour and positions to hold during the activity, to ensure maximum safety at all times. We will then put on our suit, harness and goggles and board the aircraft.

In about 20 minutes we will reach the launch altitude (around 3,000 m). At that point the door of the aircraft will open, we will feel the fresh air coming over us and that will be the moment to gather all the courage we have to jump into the void. But don't worry, we will be firmly harnessed and attached to the instructor!

The free fall at 200 mph will last almost a minute. At that speed, the air seems to change consistency and we will almost feel as if we are floating in a dense the words of those who have experienced it! Then the instructor will open the parachute and we will have the sensation of abrupt deceleration: the open glider flight begins and will bring us back to earth in 7-8 minutes.

During the descent, the adrenaline levels will gradually drop to leave room for the thrill of the panoramic spectacle of the world seen from above, until the soft landing on a meadow near the airfield.

Between preparation, arrival at altitude and launch, the activity lasts a total of about 1 hour (we recommend, however, considering a half-day commitment due to possible variations in weather conditions).

Who it is aimed at

Tandem parachute jumping is an experience for everyone. No special skills or previous experience are required. To participate, you must be at least 16 years of age, be in good health and have a maximum weight of 100 kg for men and 90 kg for women (including clothing and shoes).

There is no upper age limit, but those over 65 must present a signed authorisation from their doctor (the form will be provided to you after booking).

Those who suffer or have suffered from serious illnesses will have to present a medical certificate of fitness for the activity (if you have any doubts, please contact us privately for more information).

Other information

Attention! Please arrive at the meeting place at least 30 minutes before the launch time.

This activity takes place on the dates indicated in the calendar and is subject to change, including sudden changes dictated by weather conditions.

Upon arrival at the venue, you will undergo a weight and body mass index (BMI) measurement. We recommend that you calculate your BMI before booking. This value must be no higher than 30 for men and 27.5 for women. If you exceed the limits, you will not be allowed to fly for safety reasons.

The aircraft can carry 3 participants at a time, who will launch in tandem with their instructor 15 seconds apart. If you are a larger group, you will be divided into small groups of 2 or 3 and wait for your turn to fly.

We recommend that you book at least two days in advance (one week during the summer) and consider a half-day commitment for the launch (the activity itself lasts one hour, but can be extended depending on the number of participants and weather conditions).

At the time of booking you will be able to choose whether to purchase the launch with video (filmed by the pilot you will be launching with) or the launch with video and HD photos. You will need to bring a memory card or USB stick to capture the material at the end of the launch.

Recommended clothing

Seasonal sportswear and trainers

Don't forget to bring

Memory card or USB stick

What is included

  • Professional instructor
  • Technical equipment
  • Flying suit
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Flying selfie
  • Video
  • Sports association membership

Frequently asked questions

What happens in case of bad weather?

If you have made a fixed date reservation and the weather conditions are not suitable for the safe conduct of the activity (in the expert opinion of the guide), you will be refunded the full amount paid. The guide may suggest an alternative date or time for you to conduct the activity. You can freely choose whether or not to accept these proposals. If you can’t retrieve it, we will process a full refund! If you have set the date for your Gift Voucher and bad weather did not allow the activity to take place, the Voucher remains regularly valid until the expiration date indicated on it.

If I cancel the reservation, can I get a full refund?

For this activity, the cancellation policy is flexible. You get a full refund if you cancel within 5 days from the activity start date. Within 4 and 3 days from the activity start date you will get a 50% refund. You can find the full policies in the Cancellation Policy section.

What measures are implemented to prevent COVID-19?

All activities on Freedome strictly follow regulations issued at national, regional and federal levels. Sports associations and freelancers commit to carry out activities in full compliance with such regulations, sanitize equipment and environments, and limit their maximum capacity.
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