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Hiking on the glaciers of Punta Helbronner (Mont Blanc)

Experience the thrill of a high mountain hike, following a glacier itinerary at the foot of Mont Blanc. In the company of an expert guide, you will walk in the presence of rocky spires and ice pinnacles, discovering breathtaking ridges and vertiginous crevasses, in one of the most beautiful settings in the entire Alpine arc. Get ready to go!

4 hours 5,0
1-6 participants
from 380 €
for groups

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  5 / 5.0
3 verified reviews

26 Sep 2023 | Hiking on the glaciers of Punta Helbronner (Mont Blanc)

What a wonderful experience!!!

I had the chance to meet Alessandro via Freedome. It all started the day we received a gift of a trip for two people round trip on the Skyway! My wife and I said to ourselves, "Why not add a new experience as well?". Well, hence the decision to buy an excursion to the Giant Glacier, a short distance from the arrival station at Punta Helbronner. The first booking had been made for the end of August but, due to bad weather, we had to postpone it until last Sunday. Alessandro was immediately available, with calls, messages and constant updates, especially weather, which, alas, is the component that can influence this experience more than others. But the wait was not in vain! Sunday was a day that to call it frightening is putting it mildly! Not a single cloud and a temperature slightly above 0. As Alessandro advised us, we came dressed for every eventuality, in multiple layers, as the rules of the mountains teach! Indeed, the first part of the day was cool, but never cold. At the start, our guide provided us with everything we needed: harness, crampons and ropes. Immediately, I realised that I had forgotten my headphones in the car... aaaaargh!!! But Alessandro, promptly and kindly offers me his! Much appreciated! The tour was basically a round trip to the base of the Giant's Tooth, absolutely nothing challenging but of unparalleled majesty! We also ventured on a little excursion off-plan, on a small rocky ridge, which allowed us to savour some mountaineering thrills, very entry-level! Apart from the scrape I got when I swiped my crampon on my other leg (sooner or later it happens to everyone [cit]), this little excursion was a lot of fun! The return trip was a continuous contemplation of the majesty of the glacier area, with the grandeur of Mont Blanc as the crowning glory. All this while Alessandro took a few souvenir photos of us; really beautiful and welcome! Thank you! :-D At the end of the hike, which took approximately 3:30 hours, we returned to the Rifugio Torino, from where we had started. A beer in the company of friends and, as to what to do next, Alessandro gave us the indication that gave the day a further turn: 'Guys... you are here, you have now used the Skyway. However, I highly recommend you take the cable car that goes to the Punta del Mezzogiorno (Aiuguille du Midi). Really, on a day like this, you can't miss the full experience!' Well... eat or go? we decide to follow the guide's advice and... crazy experience! The cable car is really something spectacular, both scenically and in terms of construction (can you tell I'm a transport engineer?!?)! The arrival, situated at a staggering 3800 metres above sea level, makes you dizzy but offers a fabulous view of Mont Blanc! Absolutely a must-do... by now you have done the big shopping with the Skyway! The glacier cable car, round trip costs 38 €. Conclusion: The excursion with Alessandro Munier is highly recommended! Excursion: medium/low commitment required and in case of difficulty Alessandro will always offer a good solution. On the contrary! Several times it is he himself who advises what to do, where to take photos and how to proceed. I will certainly keep him in mind for more adrenalin-fuelled hikes. He has told me that he organises all kinds of routes, whether you want to do a tour like ours or whether you opt for the summit of Mont Blanc or Dente del Gigante. Thank you very much! And... see you soon on higher and higher mountains!


Reviewed by

Paolo M.

21 Jun 2020 | Ascent to Mount Breithorn at 4,000 meters (Cervinia)

Fantastic excursion

I climbed the Breithorn with high expectations but I really didn't believe once I was at the top that I would be able to go any further. A route that, once past the ski lifts, is simply magnificent. To be done again


Reviewed by

Silvia P.

06 Sep 2020 | Ascent to Mount Breithorn at 4,000 meters (Cervinia)

TOP Guide

Ascent of the Breithorn, what can I say? Fantastic experience, fantastic views. Recommended


Reviewed by

Francesco S.

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