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Veneto Paragliding

Veneto Paragliding

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4.6 (23 reviews)

For paragliding in Veneto, free-flying enthusiasts have a wide choice of locations. Monte Baldo near Malcesine on Lake Garda, Monte Grappa in the Venetian Pre-Alps, and Cortina with its Dolomites are among the most popular spots for paragliders and hang gliders. The scenic beauty of these areas and favorable weather conditions make the Veneto one of the most popular destinations to experience free flight.

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What is paragliding? Everything you need to know before your flight

Paragliding is the simplest and lightest means of free flight in existence. It consists of a steerable wing connected to the pilot’s saddle by a system of funicular beams. Wind updrafts are used to fly, allowing the paraglider to make scenic descents lasting from 10 to 60 minutes. During the flight you remain comfortably seated and the feeling is similar to riding on a chairlift…but much more exciting!

Paragliding in Veneto: the best places to take flight

Mount Baldo, located in the Gardesane Pre-Alps, a half-hour drive from the small town of Malcesine, is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy the panoramic spectacle offered by Lake Garda. Cortina d’Ampezzo is the ideal choice for those who want to venture to high altitudes and enjoy a paragliding launch in the Dolomites, while from Monte Grappa you can fly over the fantastic landscapes of the Venetian Pre-Alps.

Malcesine paragliding, admire a postcard view

The best view of Lake Garda is from above on a paragliding flight in Malcesine. Taking off from the slopes of Mount Baldo, close to the shores of Verona, one is seized with a real thrill of awe when the blue expanse of Italy’s largest lake opens before one’s eyes.

Flying over Mount Grappa, the perfect setting for free flight

Located in the Venetian Pre-Alps, Mount Grappa (1,775 m) is a favorite  destination for those who choose to fly paragliding in the Veneto region. Bassano del Grappa, Semonzo and Borso del Grappa are the most popular locations. The latter provides a way not only to admire a fantastic view but also to experience longer flights than normal, up to a maximum of 1 hour.

Tandem flight: the simple and safe experience of tandem paragliding

To fly paragliders, there is no need for patents, courses or specific preparation. By relying on an experienced pilot, one can fly tandem in total safety. Thanks to the tandem paraglider, in fact, you harness yourself securely to the pilot and enjoy the descent from the comfort of your seat. For takeoff, just jog a few meters and you’re done!

Gifting a tandem paragliding flight in Veneto: how much does it cost?

The price of a paragliding flight in Veneto is around 110-180 euros. The cost varies depending on the take-off location, average flight duration, and any other services included, such as taking photos/videos. A paragliding flight can be an original gift for any occasion. Whether it is for a birthday, graduation, or bachelor/bachelorette party, anyone who receives it will be amazed!

Opinions of our adventurers

General rating
  4.6 / 5.0
23 verified reviews

14 Aug 2020 | Tandem paragliding flight in Borso del Grappa

Show at high altitude

I had been aiming for paragliding as my next 'exciting' experience for a while and I have to say that it was .... above expectations! I flew with Roberto who was able to calm me down and put me at ease, I recommend it!


Reviewed by

Gimmy O.

20 Dec 2019 | Performance tandem paragliding flight in Borso del Grappa


I highly recommend this adventure to anyone who has a desire to explore and enjoy strong, indelible experiences. The performance flight combines adrenaline and a feeling of freedom in the right mix of emotions


Reviewed by

Alberto S.

13 Aug 2020 | Performance tandem paragliding flight in Borso del Grappa

To do it again and again

After having tried the 'normal' flight, we wanted to try the 'performance' flight. Expectations were high, and the flight did not disappoint. Truly indescribable emotions and dreamlike scenery!!! Recommended


Reviewed by

Martina M.

18 Oct 2019 | Tandem paragliding flight in Borso del Grappa

Excellent experience

Flying a paraglider is something magical, you are off the ground in seconds and then the feeling of freedom pervades you. Roberto we will come back to see you soon!


Reviewed by

Monica M.

15 Jul 2020 | Tandem paragliding flight in Borso del Grappa

one-day experience

Tandem flight with Roberto, absolutely beautiful and highly recommended!!! One of the things to do sooner or later in life.


Reviewed by

Roberto L.

15 Jun 2020 | Tandem paragliding flight in Borso del Grappa


This time I have to say that I have listened to the various reviews. That's exactly what it is: a crazy experience!!!


Reviewed by

Giulia Z.

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