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Skiing lessons Piedmont

Skiing lessons Piedmont

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Piedmont is one of the most appreciated regions by skiers and mountain lovers in general. From Monviso to Gran Paradiso, and again to the Olympic Mountains which hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics, the Piedmont Alps are a reference point for enthusiasts from all over northern Italy and beyond.

Taking ski lessons in Piedmont means learning to ski in an area that has always paid special attention to winter sports, rich in historic ski schools and experienced instructors ready to meet the needs of any type of student, from the beginner to the advanced.

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Ski courses in Piedmont: learn to ski on more than 1,200 km of slopes

With its 1,243 km of slopes, the Piedmont region ranks second nationally in terms of total km of ski slopes in the territory. Only Trentino – Alto Adige has more (2,024 km), while in third place there’s Valle d’Aosta (831 km).

Piedmont’s ski areas have 266 lifts, a first-class infrastructure system, and, of course, a wide range of accommodations. Ski schools offer all kinds of courses and private lessons, not only of classic alpine skiing but of all winter disciplines, from snowboarding to freeriding.

Where to book a skiing lesson in Piedmont

Among the best ski resorts in Piedmont, there is undoubtedly Sestriere, a traditional Piedmont tourist destination in the province of Turin. Together with the resorts of Claviere, Cesana and Sauze d’Oulx, it forms the Vialattea ski area, among the largest in northern Italy, with as many as 249 ski slopes of varying length and difficulty.

In the province of Cuneo, there are the ski areas of Mondolè and Prato Nevoso, while also in the province of Turin, it is worth mentioning Bardonecchia, which hosted snowboarding competitions during the 2006 Winter Olympics. Cross-country skiers, on the other hand, “belong” to Sampeyre (CN), full of “rings” of varying difficulty.

Skiing lessons for beginners and children

Skiing is a sport that can be taken up at a very young age. As early as age 3 or 4, it is possible to take your first steps on the snow in the company of attentive instructors who specialize in teaching young children. Children’s ski lessons are always play-based, with the aim of making the sport an enjoyable and natural experience, free of pressures and expectations that can become unsustainable in the long run.

Within Piedmont’s ski centers there are often areas dedicated to children’s courses, real baby parks in which young skiers can approach this discipline, discovering a passion that will accompany them forever.

Courses for groups of all ages and skill levels

Are you no longer a child but have decided you want to learn skiing? No problem, ski schools in Piedmont are open to beginners of all ages, because it’s never too late to fall in love with skiing!

The advantage of group classes is that you are placed in groups with students of the same level and – in the case of children and teens – the same age group. This way, you get to improve not only through the teachings of the instructor but also through comparison with other students, with the possibility of making new friends on the ski slopes.

Of course, it is possible to participate in classes or take private lessons at any level of experience to perfect technique, gain greater fluency and confidence, and improve your overall performance.

How much does a ski course cost in Piedmont?

Ski school fees in Piedmont vary depending on the type of course and the time of the season. A group course generally consists of 3-hour classes over 6 days, throughout the week. In these cases, the price is around 200€ per person in high season.

Private ski lessons, on the other hand, cost an average of €40 per hour if conducted on an individual basis. The hourly price per person is lowered if the class is held in a shared class with a mini-group of friends. Some schools offer a discount with the purchase of 10-lesson booklets, a convenient choice for those who already know they spend a lot of time in the mountains.

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