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Scuba diving Elba Island

Scuba diving Elba Island

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4.9 (16 reviews)

For fans of scuba diving, Elba Island is a real paradise. Elba and diving are a perfect match, as the island's waters offer divers multiple dive spots rich in marine biodiversity. Caves, reefs, wrecks, shoals, and landslides provide habitat for a multitude of life forms, including corals, sea fans, lobsters, moray eels and more. All sides of the island offers dive spots of different types and depths. For those who love to explore the world that lies beneath the surface of the water, Elba will surely be a fun location!

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Diving: what it is and how it’s praticed

The term diving refers to scuba diving with an oxygen tank. To practice this activity, youmust have the Open Water Diver certification, which is obtained by taking specific scuba diving courses. Many diving centers, however, offer experiences suitable for beginners who have never dived before. In this case, you start with a short theory lesson and then dive followed step by step by the instructor, reaching a depth of about 5 meters.

Even the most experienced divers are always accompanied by an instructor who is fully familiar with the local waters. Equipped with wetsuit and tank, you leave by boat or dinghy and after a few minutes of sailing, you reach the dive spot and dive into the water. You gradually reach the desired depth and usually stay underwater for about 45 minutes.

Diving in Elba: the best diving spots

In addition to the vast choice of diving sites, those who want to dive at Elba will find a wide range of services and diving centers that provide instructors, boats, and equipment. Diving spots can be found on all sides of the island and present almost all the typical marine flora and fauna of the Mediterranean.

Divers in Portoferraio can choose to dive near Enfola and explore an impressive reef where lobsters, moray eels, spirographs and many other life forms hide. Also near Portoferraio, guides particularly advise diving at the Scoglietto, a marine protected area that is small but extremely picturesque and rich in biodiversity.

You can go diving in Capoliveri, Cavo, Marina di Campo and many other locations on the island. Or from Elba you can move to the islands of Pianosa or Capraia, also rich in diving spots. Elba’s waters hide several wrecks, including an aircraft dating back to World War II, recently discovered at a depth of 38 meters in front of Portoferraio.

How much does scuba diving

in Elba cost?

Prices for diving at Elba Island vary by location, level and duration. For example, a diving trip from Portoferraio with a single 1-hour dive costs 45 euros, excluding equipment. A diving experience for beginners, also in Portoferraio, costs 80 euros and in this case includes everything you need. For a double dive on Pianosa, however, the cost is 150 euros per person for a full-day experience.

Gift a scuba diving experience in Elba

If you have a friend or relative who is passionate about diving, there is no better gift than a dive on Elba Island, which is among the favorite places for divers in Italy. But if you want to surprise and let people experience new emotions, you can also gift a scuba diving experience to those who have never dived before by choosing one suited for beginners. Such an activity can be practiced by everyone, as long as you have good water skills, without being an experienced swimmer.

Introductory diving without a license

Those who want to approach the world of diving can do so even without being certified. Many centers offer introductory diving experiences which can be carried out safely, as the participant is gradually accompanied to the depths by an experienced instructor.

Before the dive, you learn basic techniques and then descend into the depths to admire colorful fish, sea fans and sea plants.
These types of dives can be considered a test for those who are intent on enrolling in a course to become certified. With this first experience, you will find out if you really want to go deeper to see ever-changing aquatic species.

Opinions of our adventurers

General rating
  4.9 / 5.0
16 verified reviews

25 Aug 2023 | Scuba diving for beginners on the Elba Island

Very entertaining and evocative

I gave this experience to my boyfriend for his birthday, both of us had never dived before and I admit that after an initial "anxiety" we then became familiar with breathing and with compensation under water. After that we were able to enjoy the dive to the fullest. Despite being for beginners (we got to 5 metres) the seabed of Elba was suggestive. The feeling is that of being part of the marine ecosystem that you observe, which is priceless given that snorkelling is not entirely possible. nHaving said that, the staff was fantastic, precise in their explanations and thoughtful in helping you if you had any doubts. In addition, we had a friendly four-legged companion on board (Six if I'm not mistaken), which as dog lovers we were pleased to have with us. By the way, if you like rock music (like us) you'll be pleased to know that it will accompany you in the background during the trip from the port to the chosen dive site. A very enjoyable experience, I highly recommend it! ❤️🐠🌊🪸

Costanza C.

Reviewed by

Costanza C.

04 Aug 2022 | Beginners scuba diving lesson on Elba Island

Beautiful experience

Great experience! We were welcomed by Alessandro, Stefano's colleague, he was very good at theoretical and practical explanations. We at the first experience ended the activity very satisfied and happy. It is an excellent first approach to this world. Personally, it has aroused my desire to acquire a diving licence. Recommended

Christian M.

Reviewed by

Christian M.

08 Aug 2020 | Scuba diving for beginners on the Elba Island


first time we tried diving. Very knowledgeable instructors, they provided us with all the equipment and we had a theory lesson in the first part to familiarise ourselves with the equipment. During the dive we reached a depth of 5 metres, maybe not a lot for an expert but for us it was very exciting. a new passion was born :)


Reviewed by

Davide B.

04 Jul 2023 | Scuba diving for beginners on the Elba Island

Best experience on the Island

We did the beginners scuba diving session and had an amazing experience. nAll staff spoke great English and made the experience fun and relaxing. nWe learned about how to use the equipment and felt safe during the dive. nWould highly recommend for anyone wanting to try scuba diving for the first time!


Reviewed by

Aaron S.

18 Aug 2021 | Scuba diving for beginners on the Elba Island


It was fantastic! The guys are super professional and above all nice! They put you at ease and help you a lot! Super good! It was a really good experience! Although I was a bit scared the whole time, I take home with me some wonderful memories! I recommend it to everyone!

Isuri F.

Reviewed by

Isuri F.

12 Aug 2022 | Scuba diving "Baptism of the Sea" on Elba Island


Maestro Flavio very experienced, nice and kind. Although I had already had other experiences, I had fun discovering new things. Recommended for all sea enthusiasts. Not to be missed as an opportunity


Reviewed by

Rebecca L.

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