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Scuba Diving Tuscany

Scuba Diving Tuscany

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4.9 (26 reviews)

Tuscany is one of Italy's most fascinating regions, a cradle of art and culture and a land of world-famous villages and cities. It is equally amazing at the naturalistic level and its waters hold real treasures. Scuba diving in Tuscany, in fact, opens the door to an underwater world all to be explored. From the Argentario to the Elba Island, you will discover waters populated by a striking marine flora and fauna and a still pristine environment.

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Scuba diving: everything you need to know about the activity

There are different types of scuba diving. The two main ones differ in whether oxygen cylinders are used. Freediving is the least suitable for underwater exploration because of its physiological brevity due to the need to catch your breath.

For deep diving, therefore, a self-contained breathing apparatus is used. This is a cylinder containing 15 to 18 liters of compressed air, connected to a regulator that is intended to reduce pressure and provide oxygen to the diver when required. The diver’s equipment, in addition to the rebreather, includes: neoprene wetsuit, mask, fins, ballast weights, flashlight and knife (in case you get caught).

Diving requires an Open Water Diver certification, which is obtained by taking specific scuba diving courses. However, almost all diving centers offer guided introductory dives even for those with no previous experience.

Diving Tuscany: the best dive sites in the Tuscan archipelago

The Tuscan Archipelago consists of 7 major and 3 minor islands. Each isle offers fascinating backdrops and scenery for diving. The largest and most famous one is Elba Island. Diving in Elba means discovering a world of color, populated by an incredible variety of marine flora and fauna. There are numerous diving centers and dive spots all along the coast on the island.

The island of Pianosa, off the coast of Livorno and once a prison, also houses seas that are only lightly trafficked and rich with waters still largely untouched by man. Also in the Livorno province, but on the coast, dive sites such as Baratti, Torre di Calafuria and San Vincenzo should be mentioned. Among the smaller islands, the Formiche di Grosseto, three islets located in front of the Maremma Nature Park and surrounded by waters up to 100 meters deep, deserve a mention.

Diving Argentario: an underwater world waiting to be discovered

Another particularly popular location for scuba diving in Tuscany is Argentario. The promontory overlooks a protected area with waters rich in biodiversity. Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole are two of the centers where most diving excursions for all levels in Argentario start.

How much does it cost to go diving?

Diving in Tuscany has prices that vary depending on the duration of the dive and its difficulty. A scuba diving experience lasting about 2 hours costs around €45 to €50, while a full day devoted to underwater exploration can cost up to €150 per person. A scuba diving experience for those who want to try this activity for the first time costs about 80€.

Gift a scuba diving experience in Tuscany

A scuba diving experience can be a great gift if you have friends or family who are diving enthusiasts. An idea to make a weekend special or to try something new like a night dive.

Thanks to diving experiences for beginners, however, you can gift this thrilling activity to an unlicensed diver as well. A guided dive is an experience suitable for everyone and the first step toward discovering a whole new world!

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Opinions of our adventurers

General rating
  4.9 / 5.0
26 verified reviews

25 Aug 2023 | Scuba diving for beginners on the Elba Island

Very entertaining and evocative

I gave this experience to my boyfriend for his birthday, both of us had never dived before and I admit that after an initial "anxiety" we then became familiar with breathing and with compensation under water. After that we were able to enjoy the dive to the fullest. Despite being for beginners (we got to 5 metres) the seabed of Elba was suggestive. The feeling is that of being part of the marine ecosystem that you observe, which is priceless given that snorkelling is not entirely possible. nHaving said that, the staff was fantastic, precise in their explanations and thoughtful in helping you if you had any doubts. In addition, we had a friendly four-legged companion on board (Six if I'm not mistaken), which as dog lovers we were pleased to have with us. By the way, if you like rock music (like us) you'll be pleased to know that it will accompany you in the background during the trip from the port to the chosen dive site. A very enjoyable experience, I highly recommend it! ❤️🐠🌊🪸

Costanza C.

Reviewed by

Costanza C.

04 Aug 2022 | Beginners scuba diving lesson on Elba Island

Beautiful experience

Great experience! We were welcomed by Alessandro, Stefano's colleague, he was very good at theoretical and practical explanations. We at the first experience ended the activity very satisfied and happy. It is an excellent first approach to this world. Personally, it has aroused my desire to acquire a diving licence. Recommended

Christian M.

Reviewed by

Christian M.

08 Aug 2020 | Scuba diving for beginners on the Elba Island


first time we tried diving. Very knowledgeable instructors, they provided us with all the equipment and we had a theory lesson in the first part to familiarise ourselves with the equipment. During the dive we reached a depth of 5 metres, maybe not a lot for an expert but for us it was very exciting. a new passion was born :)


Reviewed by

Davide B.

04 Jul 2023 | Scuba diving for beginners on the Elba Island

Best experience on the Island

We did the beginners scuba diving session and had an amazing experience. nAll staff spoke great English and made the experience fun and relaxing. nWe learned about how to use the equipment and felt safe during the dive. nWould highly recommend for anyone wanting to try scuba diving for the first time!


Reviewed by

Aaron S.

18 Aug 2021 | Scuba diving for beginners on the Elba Island


It was fantastic! The guys are super professional and above all nice! They put you at ease and help you a lot! Super good! It was a really good experience! Although I was a bit scared the whole time, I take home with me some wonderful memories! I recommend it to everyone!

Isuri F.

Reviewed by

Isuri F.

12 Aug 2022 | Scuba diving "Baptism of the Sea" on Elba Island


Maestro Flavio very experienced, nice and kind. Although I had already had other experiences, I had fun discovering new things. Recommended for all sea enthusiasts. Not to be missed as an opportunity


Reviewed by

Rebecca L.

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