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283 verified reviews

08 Aug 2022 | Horse riding in the Cerveteri Archaeological Park

Fantastic experience

We opted for the four-hour excursion visiting the Etruscan ruins. I was amazed! Let's start from the premise that this is not the first horse-riding experience I've had with my partner and this riding school is really something exceptional, as soon as we arrived we were offered a drink and a good coffee, presentation with the horses since it's not the usual excursion where the horses move only and exclusively behind the guide, but rather they follow your commands and also follow them impeccably! We began our journey amidst evocative scenery among hills, sea views, and paths articulated between trotting, galloping and walking. The guide always put us at ease, explaining everything to us and keeping us constantly under control for any problems that might arise with the animals. At a certain point we crossed a small canal where the horses cooled down, drank and we took the opportunity to enjoy the unique scenery even more! The trail continued towards the Etruscan necropolis which, in my humble opinion, must be visited at least once in a lifetime.... Even better if done astride a horse because you really feel part of the context! The instructor or guide explained to us in great detail what these fantastic ruins and their history were. Explanations that were more than sufficient and said with a simplicity that not even my history teacher in high school and never managed to arouse my interest so much. After this step, we started our walk towards the 'base' where once again we trotted on the grasslands with a view of the sea in the distance that were so magnificent that they made you remain silent to enjoy the most of that impressive view. An experience to be absolutely repeated, perhaps with the waterfalls this time that surely have nothing to envy to other places in the world! In short. Super satisfied and I also wanted to thank the guide because she was of a unique sweetness and professionalism! Thank you thank you thank you!


Reviewed by

Alessandro A.

11 Sep 2021 | Horse riding in the hills of Florence, wine tasting and lunch in historic mansion

All very nice. Recommended :)

A well-thought-out excursion with attention to every detail. Simona and Stefano organised everything down to the smallest detail, helpful, kind and friendly people. We didn't have our own transport so they accompanied us everywhere without any problems and with extreme punctuality. Two very appreciated goodies included in the package were the water bottle (not taken for granted on other excursions and necessary after a horse ride) and the photos taken by them, by now we all want memories and knowing that you don't have to take your hands off the reins to take out your mobile phone makes you feel safer, plus you can have group photos. Riding and walking in the Florentine hills very nice, in the woods and fields, horses trained and calm. The visit to the historic house was really very interesting, the guide didn't let us miss a thing, including laughter and wine! Absolutely to do and to do again!


Reviewed by

Valentina D.

03 Jun 2022 | Horse riding in the Tolfa Mountains

A wonderful experience

We arrived at the ranch and were immediately greeted by Marco the guide who accompanied us for the entire ride. He was able to immediately put us at ease and in tune with the horses, which was not taken for granted considering it was our very first equestrian experience. Once we started the ride, he talked to us about many interesting things, the nature of the place, its biodiversity, the history of the Butteri, and even the anatomy of the horse. All this while we strolled through unspoilt nature, with beautiful scenery and in complete relaxation. Halfway through the excursion, we were offered a pleasant aperitif with home-made products. A wonderful experience, to be recommended to everyone and above all to be repeated.

Alberto P.

Reviewed by

Alberto P.

07 Feb 2022 | Half-day horse riding in the Bosco Solivo reserve for experts

Outstanding, wonderful experience

Professionalism, helpfulness, friendliness, punctuality and customer care I think are the characteristics that impressed me most about this fantastic experience. A beautiful walk surrounded by nature, the woods and hills of the Bosco Solivo nature reserve. A truly wonderful experience at a truly affordable price and above all suitable for those who, like us, were new to riding. The horses are beautiful, well looked after and trained, docile and calm. The owner of the stables, Sofia, is an exceptional and very helpful person who told us and explained various anecdotes even during the ride. Her passion and dedication are unique. An experience that I recommend and that you cannot miss!


Reviewed by

Davide G.

02 Aug 2022 | Carriage ride through the Assisi countryside with lunch

Experience between tourism and spirituality

Umbria is a region that exudes spirituality, even for non-believers. Emotions are heightened by contact with nature, so the non-motorised means of exploration are in harmony with the surroundings. In the carriage ride we were not just passengers, but participants and supporters of the horse and its driver. The temple of Rivotorto with the Sacred Hovel of St Francis, the leper colony, the basilica of St Mary of the Angels with the Portiuncula, the view from the valley of Upper Assisi were all one in our memory and in our hearts, thanks also to Christian's willingness to lead us along this unforgettable route.


Reviewed by


23 Mar 2022 | Horse riding in the woods of Novara

Beautiful experience

My partner and I decided to have this experience over the weekend and it was well worth it!nThe riding school is beautiful, very well-kept and clean, despite the number of horses and animals in general that populate it.nWe were looked after by Federica and Aurora who showed us how to take care of the horse, how to saddle it and afterwards how to enjoy a pleasant ride together. An extremely pleasant experience that I recommend to everyone who wants to immerse themselves in nature just an hour from Milan! Thanks to our precious guides :)


Reviewed by

Beatrice G.

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