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393 verified reviews

14 Sep 2022 | Rafting on the Sangro River

Experience we had with my 7 year old son and it is definitely worth doing again. We had a great time, friendly, fun and knowledgeable staff. Simple facility, clean changing rooms/bathrooms and an area where you can have lunch. Equipment in excellent condition.nThe rafting was mostly soft but with some challenging situations, very funny also the fact that we disembarked from the raft and did a stretch immersed and carried by the water. Journey and completely immersed in nature, the silence interrupted only by the guide who gave the commands, nice and educational to see how the river digs the ground over time.

Carlo D.

Reviewed by

Carlo D.

16 Aug 2023 | SUPER Integral rafting on the Noce River in Trentino

To be tried at least once in a lifetime!

Super fantastic experience to do again as soon as the opportunity arises. Our super-professional and good guide Dodi gave us a great time. You will certainly get very wet (the water isn't warm even in August) but it's really worth it. My advice for beginners like me is to follow all the guide's commands and instructions and trust them. Another piece of advice is to take a complete change of clothes with you as it is possible to take a shower in the changing room once you have finished the tour. PS: special thanks to Dodi who, being local, also gave us lots of advice on how best to enjoy our holiday!

Simona M.

Reviewed by

Simona M.

19 Aug 2023 | Grand Canyon rafting on the Lao River

A different activity

A descent down the Lao River will take you to discover wonders hidden among the trees and rocks, all enlivened by the rapids and small waterfalls that the river hides. There will be moments when you can enjoy the Panorama and many others when you will feel the fatigue of paddling. You will make some special stops along the river where you can admire a beautiful waterfall and drink from it and you can soak in the waters of this beautiful river. I will be honest though: I was hoping for something more adrenaline-pumping but I admit that it is an experience worth doing at least once in a lifetime.


Reviewed by

Giuseppe S.

04 Sep 2023 | Classic rafting in the Cilento National Park

Day with my son

The guides were very good at guiding us along the rivers and describing what we were going through. we went along some livelier stretches and others, where the water was calmer, we were entertained by games, dives and swimming in the river. The guides were very good at leading us along the rivers and describing what we were going through. we went through some livelier stretches and in others, where the water was calmer, we were entertained with games, dips and swims in the river. everything always under the watchful eye of the guides. more than positive experience

Lorenzo C.

Reviewed by

Lorenzo C.

20 Jul 2023 | Power rafting on the Noce River in Val di Sole

Very Nice river rafting and a awesome guide

It was a really good river rafting and the guide in our boat was very good, funny and learned some of the commands in danish. It was very comforting to feel that the guide was very experienced. He made the trip fantastico.nWhat we think can be improved is that in the start when we had to get our equipment it seemed a bit caotic and stressfull. They did not check if everybody was there. I would also have liked to booked some pictures as it said in the booking that we could but it did not seem possible due to time, didnt know who to afsked and so on.


Reviewed by

Anja Gammelgaard P.

16 Jul 2023 | Soft rafting on the Velino River in Rieti

Beautiful experience

We would again like to thank the guides Luca and Mario for their welcome and professionalism. After handing over the equipment and giving us a short, exhaustive briefing, we began our experience on the river, which allowed us to alternate between moments of activity and moments of total relaxation, with the possibility of also enjoying bathing in the cool waters of the river, always under the careful supervision of the guides. We are satisfied with having chosen them and will certainly return for other experiences.


Reviewed by

Elisa P.

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